Full Specifications


  • Up to 170km Autonomy on cruise control (48v 30Ah/60Ah lithium-ion battery)
  • Max Speed Up to 34 km/hour
  • 500W High Torque Motor


Performance tests

Alarm system

Hill climbing (35°)

Max weight carrying 240kg

kkm/km/hKey Specs


Top Speed 34km/h 34km/h
Range 70-80km 80-100km
Charge Time 4 Hours (Single) 4.5 Hours (Dual) 4 Hours (Single) 4.5 Hours (Dual)
Continuous Power* 400w 1500w
Battery Pack Weight 11Kg x 2 14Kg x 2

Power System


Voltage 48V 96V
Capacity 30Ah x 2 15Ah x 2
Fast Charging
Battery Cell Type 21700NCA Lithium Ion 21700NCA Lithium Ion